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360 Degree Document Management Solution

Services With DMS

In order to address the 360 degree requirement for a seamless content management solution, i-doc is offered as a part of two main services.

Document scanning and digitization

Document scanning and digitization

Document scanning and digitization is a data conversion service, transforming all your bulk hardcopies into digitized data, using high-end scanners. Important records such as medical records, receipts, official documents, hardbound materials and books, PACS images etc., which cannot be disposed due to its importance, and neither can be accumulated for a long time due to space constraints. Digitization is the only solution that resolves this recurring issue. With this service, i-doc is offered as an add on record management solution, offering a repository to store, view, retrieve and these digital data at any point of time, without digging into mazes of hard copy files.

Form Processing

Form Processing

Form Processing service addresses those industries such as education, insurance, real estate and telecommunication where examinations process or customer application forms plays an important role. Organizations willing to identify the benefits of OMR based forms and examination procedure are supported by us with a complete solution starting with form designing, printing, data evaluation and result generation. DMS software i-doc is integrated into this service as a record management solution and process management software to facilitate the entire document workflow.