DEPLOYMENTBuy as a Product, SAAS or PAAS

Deployment Of Dms

i-doc can be used as a product or as a part of our digitization and document management service. If the Customer wishes to use the software as product, then their are two deployment models he can resort to.

On Premise Deployment

Customers having a mature IT infrastructure with capable support system can own and deploy this model. Post purchase support is available through software support agreement (SSA). It is perfect for those organization, who can independently run i-doc as a product with the help of their accomplished IT resources and framework. [Know More]

On Cloud Deployment (i-doc on Cloud)

i-doc on Cloud is offered as an on-demand service. The software is hosted on Cloud rather than the server, to reduce the IT maintenance hassles pertained to VPN and LAN network, making documents accessible from any location.

Cloud is a much savvier way to handle your enterprise content. Instead of developing, maintaining and running your content management solution by yourself, you can simply deploy them on Cloud and access your materials through a commonly shared web platform in a SAAS (Software as a Service) model that bridges all your on-premise content and the box. [Know More]